Chaturatma Dasa joined ISKCON in St. Louis Missouri in 1973. He received brahminical initiation from Srila Prabhupada in June of 1974. In August of 1974 the devotees in St. Louis installed Sri Sri Nitai Gauranataraja. At that time Chaturatma started with his training in the deity program. By the year’s end he was engaged as the full time pujari for Sri Sri Nitai Gauranataraja.

Since leaving St. Louis in 1976, he has served as head pujari in Dallas, Houston, Chicago and on two of the Radha Damodara buses. He has served as an assistant in the deity program in all three New York temples; 55 th St, 7 th Avenue, and Brooklyn. Currently he is serving on the deity management board for Radha Syamasundara in Alachua Florida. He also is an advisor for the Deity Worship conference.

Chaturatma is widely known for his background in yajna’s. While his basic training came from his early years of service in St. Louis, he has furthered his understanding and knowledge of deity service, yajnas, and samskaras by studying from and learning from a variety of sources over the years.

In the early 1980’s Chaturatma began to follow his interest in studying the lives of our acaryas. Researching, many avenues of background he has developed a very comprehensive picture of the lives of many of the acaryas in our line since the time of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He has been invited to speak world wide on the lives of the vaisnavas acaryas. His work has included video presentations, lectures and conversations with both adults and children.

He currently travels a portion each year with Indradyunma Swami and Bada Hari Prabhu assisting them with their preaching in Poland, Russia, Ukraine and India. He resides in Alachua Florida with his wife, Pashupati. They have three grown children, Madhava Priya, Namananda and Manjula, as well as three granddaughters, Anjali, Suri and Revati Rani.


If you feel inclined to donate, or to help with the preaching or research services of Chaturatma Dasa, your contribution would be greatly appreciated.