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The Birds of Vraj

A poem by Chaturatma Dasa entitled: "The Birds of Vraj" So many birds are flying round, some folks take their sound as a row, The parrots, the cakoras, magpies and even the often dismissed crow. The sweetness

A Lotus in Six Parts

2010 Vyasa Puja Offering from Chaturatma Dasa entitled: "A LOTUS IN SIX PARTS" Dear Srila Prabhupada...... Your Feet Your lotus feet so soft and gold, giving shelter to both young and old. To touch them once was


A poem by Chaturatma Dasa entitled: "Woodstock-astakam" 

Oh Lord of the Sankirtana Yajna, how can I be preparing for my departure from this truly sacred place? Oh Lord Gaura Hari, how will I survive in the separation


A poem by Chaturatma Dasa entitled: "WATER" It is our very source of life for it contains all that we need It’s presence is the source of growth and fruition of the seed Materially, it can be

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