A poem by Chaturatma Dasa entitled:


Oh Lord of the Sankirtana Yajna, how can I be preparing for my departure from this truly sacred place?

Oh Lord Gaura Hari, how will I survive in the separation of these wonderful devotees who serve at Woodstock?

Oh Nitai Mahajana, how does the earth manage to maintain herself in the absence of your kirtan party on the field of Woodstock?

Oh exalted and world wide Vaisnavas, how will the people of Woodstock find peace happiness and solace in your absence?
Oh Goddess Saraswati, what good will my words be if not for the glories of the Lord shared with the people of Woodstock?

Oh Sri Jagannathadeva, how will you smile endure when your lotus eyes do not glance upon the fallen souls of Woodstock pulling the ropes of your chariot and dancing with pleasure?

Oh Lord with your form of mercy, maha-prasadam, no longer being given out there how will the people of Woodstock find fulfillment?

Oh Sri Hari Nama, please always benedict the people of Woodstock that they will forever find happiness in the Mantra Yoga tent in the association of great devotees like Govinda Swami, Indradyumna Swami Madhava and Bada Hari.

Thinking in this way, I Chaturatma dasa long for and pray to be a part of all Woodstock Festivals.

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