A poem by Chaturatma Dasa entitled:


It is our very source of life for it contains all that we need
It’s presence is the source of growth and fruition of the seed
Materially, it can be transformed into liquid, ice or snow
Each form is different and unique a common point we know
Their functions are each different and affected by the sun
Although in reality the forms are clearly one
But add a spiritual principle to this necessity of life
Then you will see this substance in a clearer, different light
It can become pure and in so doing
Change the direction our life is going
If it has touched the Lord’s lotus feet at the time of His bath
It can change our entire direction, our life, our very path
As then it takes a 4th form, unlike the other three
One that very easily make one purified and free
It can easily end our suffering, our birth, our death and disease
And turn our life to blissful sweet and filled with spiritual ease

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