A poem by Chaturatma Dasa entitled:

“The Kartik Parikrama Has Ended”

The kartik parikrama has ended
With stories and travels galore
So many adventures you’ve collected
And deep in your heart they’ll be stored

The time is now upon us
to return to the place you call home
when returning you’ll see no Yamuna
no place with those Govardhana stones

You’ll go off to work or the temple
Do the things that you regularly must
But no matter how much you look for it
You won’t find that Vrindavana dust

The challenge will be to go deeper
That place in your heart you must seek
For that is where you’ll find those treasures
The ones you placed there these past weeks

When finding these memories you search for
You’ll find you feel great joy and bliss
For these are all spiritual memories
Yes, these are the ones that you miss

The pleasure and joy they will bring you
Will brighten and shine up your day
So always remember these past days
And then in Vrindavana you’ll stay

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