A poem by Chaturatma Dasa entitled:

“Kirtan Lila”

The sound of music is everywhere, it fills the world complete
It makes us snap and sway and groove with sounds that are so neat

Most of these sounds they do get old and even are quite boring
So much so that unpurchased copies line rows and rows in storage

But what if there was music of a different sort of kind
A type of music that would truly and completely capture the mind

A music that goes further, deep down into the heart
A music that would never stop from the moment it would start

There is, kirtan its name would be, a sound older than time
A sound that is not from this world and clearly is divine

As finger glide across the heads of drums so aptly played
The harmonium pumps out a sound that makes you want to stay

There’s chiming of the kartals and their beat of 1-2-3
So many instruments can join this makes it very sweet

But most important of them all, it’s the voice we want to hear
Pouring out those Holy Names that eliminate all fear

All bodily conception, all raging of the mind,
All impurities washed away just like the sands of time

So if its music that you seek to fill your empty life
Then place and voice and head at kirtans feet and then you’ll be just fine.

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