A poem by Chaturatma Dasa entitled:

“Despondency in the Dhama”

Vrindavana realm is very nice and glorifies the earth
Due to the fact it is the place where the transcendent Lord takes His birth

With green and flower and birds galore, ponds lakes and trees for shade
The very vision of that place will give one cause to faint

That is the way it once was seen, so many years ago,
But now—a different look we find, one that causes us to moan

Gone are the endless groves of trees, gone too the flowering grass
Replaced by something visually that is certainly more crass

Development and high rise flats, come live a life of ease
Enveloped in our concrete towers that come with costs and fees

No more those sandy paths of yore the ones that soothe the feet
Replaced by jagged asphalt road that that gouge and cut the feet

The gently pleasing Keshi Ghat a place for rest and thought
Is now dug up, with Yamuna gone and looks like an unfinished rut

To peacefully traverse the path that saints walked in days of yore
Is now disturbed by blaring sounds of trucks and cars and horns

The Delhiwalas have moved in the neighborhood gone to hell
Where is my lovely Vrindavana gone, it is so hard to tell

But more so than ever one needs a clearer set of eyes
A type of vision unclouded my materialistic lies

A vision that is touched with that soothing salve of love
A special gift one can achieve from He who lives above

So if that true Vrindvana dhama is what you hanker so to see
Then fill your heart with love of God and let your soul be free

From all of the anarthas, things that block that love of Him
And then you’ll see the real Vrindavana just as it was back then

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