A poem by Chaturatma Dasa entitled:


Dust, an annoyance to be cleaned away,

doing so an activity to fill the day

Hours and hours of our life spent in working

To make sure that dust isn’t making things dirty

But what if there was a different state of mind,

An alternative beneficial paradigm

To see the dust as something more

Than dirt accumulating on the desk, the counter, the floor

This is the special gift of Vraj where dust is something else

It isn’t seem as “dirt” at all but a commodity of great wealth.

To rub this golden dust upon one’s self and place it on the head

Will bring a varied state of mind, change our meager life from dead

It’s presence will be the jewels and gems that make our body bright

An addition to our appearance that will make us feel so right

This dust has touched the feet of God, his playmates and his loyal

If we humbly show respects to it maya’s presence will be foiled

The dust of Vraj, of Govardhana, of places touched by the Lord

Will bring us peace and happiness and really so much more

A life filled with devotion will reign within our heart

Just by respecting the holy dust, its such an easy start

To roll and frolic and fill our hands then toss it into the air

and find ourselves covered from head to toe this will not bring despair

For the greatest of the demigods and sages from high places

Seek this simple benediction and pray their hearts it will make gracious

So if you want to feel that love and take it with you where ever you go

Just place this holy Vraj renu on yourself from head to toe.

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