2010 Vyasa Puja Offering from Chaturatma Dasa entitled:


Dear Srila Prabhupada……

Your Feet
Your lotus feet so soft and gold, giving shelter to both young and old.
To touch them once was my strong desire, I waited for that precious hour.

The shelter that those two feet offer, is firm and solid, not like all others.
So many great prabhus sit there, determined to follow them anywhere.

We celebrate this day you came, to put an end to maya’s game.
Taking shelter of your feet seems so right, by doing so we fulfill our life.

Your Waist
A lotus flower it does expand, and spread its joy throughout the land.
When in your gumcha you would wait, slowing from your focused gait.

The sweet expansion of your folds, would sometimes slightly overflow.
And this small sight would bring a smile, to your disciples all the while

Your Hands
A lotus bud is so sublime, because one knows that in due time,
the bud will open up and show, the glory that will make it glow.

Your hands we worship for this fact, they opened up with pen intact,
and gave the words that showed the way, that keep us out of maya gaze.

Those hands that worked so hard and bold, to give a message for all to know.
The words that save us from the trap, of deaths cruel hand come from your grasp.

Your Mouth
The whorl, the center of the flower, is beautiful at any hour.
The smile that we so love to see, to your disciples brought such glee.

Just like the lotus flowers own core, we always wanted more and more.
That smiling joy and happy face, for this souls life, it is my brace.

But then, your words they come so clear, they pierce the heart of all who hear.
The glorious statements that you make, that save us all from Maya’s race.

Instructions that when said and done, for us are like the rising sun.
We hold them close with in our heart and pray from them we never part.

Your Eyes
The petals of a lotus flower so full and long extend in style.
So also do your smiling eyes, they give such pleasure far and wide.

Whether opened wide or closed so tight, they showed a depth of internal sight,
Not drawn by all that maya has, but seeing all comes from Krsna’s hand.

But yet sometimes so fierce and bold, that they were frightening to behold,
Yet even in that fiery state, we felt that they were your special grace.

Your Body
A lotus rises in it’s own special way, shining, glowing throughout the day.
So you have also come to shine, not just for now but all through time.

To show all those who come to you, a peaceful life so simple and true.
To follow you in Mahaprabhu’s plan, to save everyone in all the lands.

So on this day we offer to thee, our respectful and repeated obeisances,
and pray that in every waking hour, we will always take shelter of you…….our lotus flower.

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