Vyasa Puja Offering from Chaturatma Dasa:

“2003 Vyasa Puja Offering”

Dear Srila Prabhupada,

Please accept my humble obeisances at your divine feet, which are like the cooling shade from the fire of material life.

As we reflect on your impact on our lives we can only appreciate what horrible fate you saved us from. Generally, when we think about our life without your shelter, we think back where we were and the further decline on that path. Yet, we were undisciplined youths back then. So it is quite reasonable to understand that we would have grown beyond that madness of our youth. Yet even if we had become success in business, family and society—would we really be successful? You gave us the real understanding of what is our human life. Your teachings were clear that we should appreciate the glorious gifts that are coming from Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

I feel that one of the most glorious gifts is the association of your disciples. Appreciating those disciples and the communities they have developed for you is most important in developing our humility in service to you. I have recently come to learn of the importance of being cautious against offending your devotees. We can understand the appreciation of your disciples and their service is very pleasing to you.

I would like to report to you some of your sincere disciples and grand disciples and their activities. These devotees are practicing their responsibilities as disciple’s, husbands, wives, leaders, businessman and mothers. Yet they have many wonderful qualities beyond these activities.

For many years now your sincere disciple Mother Nanda has been managing the NRR community. Through difficult times, hard decisions, long hours, low morale and tight finances glorious festivals wonderful deity installations expanding membership, and personal growth and realization she has proven her ability to enliven, encourage, inspire, and show a wonderful example of leadership here in NRR.

Your devotee Sesa prabhu has been a GBC member of your for many years. Despite the senior position and responsibility in both NRR and Vrindavana gurukula, he remains the embodiment of humility. Never wanting praise, position or power, he always stays quietly sitting in the back until the need for him to do service arises. And then he strongly and sincerely steps forward to fulfill what is needed.

Kalakantha prabhu is the one person who always has a kind and encouraging word for anyone who renders even the simplest service. No matter what service a devotee does, Kalakantha finds a way to appreciate it and glorify that service.

Bada Hari prabhu has the voice of a gandarva and the desire for kirtan of one of the eternal associates of SCM. He is always eager and available to engage in bhajans and kirtan for the glorification of the Lord. He even has the opportunity to travel to many different parts of the world and share that enthusiasm for the holy name with an entire new generation of your followers.

Krsna Kripa prabhu has become synonymous with Hari Nama sankirtan—both on this continent and others. He is always engaged in trying to arrange, enliven, perform and take part in the chanting of the holy name, accompanied by his wonderful style of dancing. Many devotees have had the opportunity for Hari Nama by his efforts. If no one else is at the arati you can count on the fact he will be.

Your follower Madhava is most happy when he is covered with smears of turmeric, tamarind and yogurt. He has a complete ability to be absorbed totally in cooking the best and most pure preparations for your pleasure and getting great pleasure in seeing that prasadam honored by your followers.

Raising children is a burden of love—sometimes more burden, sometimes more love. Yet two of your disciples have made a life of training so many children that are not even their own. Mothers Laksmi Moni and Akuti have a wealth of devotion to you. When I read the qualities of the gopis, carpentry, jewelry making, cooking, etc, I think Akuti has developed all 64 of them. There seems to be no end to her abilities or her energy.
Laksmi Moni is most happy when she has a full house of young ladies to train and teach in the art of following you and becoming sincere representatives of your mission.

Mother Nikunjavilasini has finished with raising her children and has done what you would want. She has taken up such a significant service in assisting in the running of the temple office and bringing the community together through communication and her newsletter. By her efforts no one in the community is left uniformed of the many opportunities to serve you by her actions.

Keseva prabhu and Mata Nitai have taken the responsibility of overseeing the Lord worship with such commitment. While we know the Lord is maintaining Himself, we have the opportunity to take care of Him. This requires great attention and focus—especially when we have so many different persons who know exactly how to worship the Lord. They provide a steady and clearheaded direction in this service.

Srila Prabhupada, this is just a small portion of the wonderful glorious qualities that your over 300 devotees here embody. Due to time I have only selected a few. It is no doubt that all these devotees are very pleasing to you. I beg that you would please benedict me with even a portion of the sincerity and wonderful qualities of your followers. I beg at your feet that whatever offense I commit to them in my small effort of service you will please not hold that against me—otherwise what hope do I have of peaceful existence? I place myself at the feet of you and your devotees begging for mercy and remain,

Your servant,
Chaturatma dasa

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